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About our founder:Yamazaki Taneji

Yamatane was founded in 1924 by Yamazaki Taneji

Yamazaki's biography begins with his career as a successful trader at rice and stock markets for which he was later to become known as the "stock market genius".

Biography of Yamazaki Taneji

Born in Gunma Prefecture.
Moved to Tokyo and joined a rice shop. Here he began to trade at the rice market.
Established his own business under the name "Yamazaki Taneji Shoten" (present day Yamatane). He gradually built up a reputation inside the rice trading business.
Established the Yamazaki Gakuen Academy and became its chairman.
Established Yamazaki Securities (later Yamatane Securities, present day SMBC Friend Securities).
Established the Yamatane Museum of Art.
Published his autobiography "Soroban".
Passed away at the age of 90.

The many faces of Yamazaki Taneji

As a successful businessman

Became an expert in rice and stock trading and served as a director in both of these fields.
Member of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Board
Chairman of the National Association of Rice Traders
Inaugural president of the Tokyo Grain Commodity Exchange

Yamazaki Taneji's Cultural Achievements

As an art collector

Yamazakifs love for art, especially modern Japanese paintings, had been evident since pre-war times. After his businesses began to become successful, he started his collection and established friendships with a number of famous and influential artists. Following the advice of Japanese master artist Yokoyama Taikan, Yamazaki opened the first museum specializing in Japanese paintings, the Yamatane Museum of Art, in 1966.

Yamatane Museum of Art

In 1966, at Nihonbashi Kabutocho, Japan's first art museum dedicated solely to Japanese painters, opened its doors to the public. Based on the founder Yamazaki Taneji's idea that "paintings are personality", the museum works hard to form direct exchanges with modern artists and continues to expand its impressive collection. Altogether, they are home to more than 1800 paintings, spanning a time period from Meiji to contemporary Japanese art.

While the Yamatane Museum of Art does not focus on one specific artist or school of painting, its collection does include well known pre-modern, ukiyoe and oil paintings as well as a number of important cultural properties. In order to offer visitors the most comprehensive look at the museum's collections, there are rotating exhibitions which change 6-7 times a year. In 2009, the museum completed its move to Hiroo.

As an educator

Yamazaki was also very interested in education, taking over management of the Fujimi Girl's High School in 1940 and creating the Yamazaki Gakuen Academy, of which he was to become a chairman.


Holding a strong interest in education, Yamatane's founder, Yamazaki Taneji in 1940 inherited the Fujimi Girl's High School and created the Yamazaki Gakuen Academy. "Uprightness, Diligence and Steadiness:" are the school's moral foundations and also the values that it wishes to pass on to its female students, preparing them fully for a successful career in a new international information society.

The meaning of the school's moral foundation is explained below;

Keep a pure and untainted heart.
Diligence, Steadiness
Work hard to the best of your capabilities.



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