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Reasons for Yamatane

These are the features of our overseas moving service.

All of our services are provided by in-house staff

All the services that Yamatane offers, from coordinating, packing and customs clearance to handling your belongings abroad, are carried out by our own in-house staff. You can voice your requests directly to your moving coordinator, who will then pass these on quickly and efficiently to all the other services involved. Unlike so many other companies, we do not outsource services such as packing or customs clearance.

Safe and secure transport thanks to superior packing methods

With many years of experience in handling the transport of art, our packing staff will make sure to handle your personal belongings with great care.
We understand that your household belongings vary in nature, size and value, so it is our promise to you to never use unnecessary packing methods and always employ adequate measures to safely pack your valuables.

Absolute protection of personal information

Yamatane has been awarded the "Privacy Mark" for its efforts to protect personal information. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the safe transport of your belongings and can rest assured that your personal privacy is guaranteed at all times.

Services to fit all our customer's needs

We have prepared for you a variety of services that can help you even after your move to Japan has been completed. These include options such domestic and office moving services as well as help with changing your office layout.

Supporting the Environment

We have made environmental awareness one of the most important aspects of our business. Therefore we separate and recycle the materials that we have used.
Also, we use packing materials made from recycled paper, and aim to make the transport of your belongings as carbon efficient as possible.

High reputation among Japanese customers of moving services.

Yamatane is highly regarded and trusted for its listing at the Tokyo Stock Market and its successful track record for handling the moving of famous Japanese as well as foreign companies. We are proud of our reputation to satisfy even the smallest demands and requests that customers may have during their move.

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