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Moving to Japan (Steps & Notice)

Steps to be taken

Customs Declaration
  • Obtain and complete the form for the declaration on unaccompanied goods.

    Please ask a member of the cabin crew or upon arrival in Japan, a staff member at the customs counter, for the 2 copies of the declaration on unaccompanied goods (Customs Form C-5360-B) and enter the required information.

  • Declaration on unaccompanied goods

    Following the completion of the immigration process, proceed to pick up your belongings from Baggage Claim and head to the customs inspection area. Together with your passport, hand over your 2 completed copies of the declaration on unaccompanied goods to the customs inspector and receive back 1 version of this, stamped and sealed, after inspection has been completed.

  • Handing over the declaration on unaccompanied goods

    After you have successfully completed the immigration process, head out the of the last gate and to the Yamatane counter inside the airport building. Here you will hand over your passport and the stamped off declaration on unaccompanied goods to a member of our staff who will make a copy of your passport and then return it to you.


Coordinator contacts
Import coordinator will contact you for the arrangement of delivery dates and times.
If you have any special requests concerning your delivery, please let us know.

Customs Clearance

After your belongings have arrived at a Japanese port or airport, our customs department will complete the customs clearance.

  • Customs Inspection

    Inspection is carried out by customs officials

  • Import Permit

    If no problems come up during inspection, you will receive an import permit. Should there be taxes on alcohol or other items, these have to be paid at this point.


We will deliver your belongings to your desired location as well as unpack and set them up for you. (excluding small air shipments) Simple arranging of furniture as well as collection of packing materials is also available. (limited to the day of delivery)

Days required for delivery

Below is a list of the average number of days it takes for your belongings to be ready for delivery from the time they arrived in Japan.

Sea: FCL 5-7 Working days [Full Container Loaded]
LCL 7-10 Working days [Less Than Container Loaded]
Air: 2-3 Working Days

Required Documents iFor Foreignerj

a) A copy of your passport

A copy of the photo page of your passport is required. Your face has to be clearly visible so we recommend a color copy. Please also include the page with the date of expiry if this has been extended.

b) A copy of your Japanese visa

Again we recommend a color copy.

c) Original stamped declaration on unaccompanied goods (Customs Form C-5360-B)

The original form of the declaration on unaccompanied goods is required when your belongings are declared.

If you are unable to present b) Visa and the c) completed declaration on unaccompanied goods, you will have to prepare a statement saying that you will add this at a later point, in lieu of the declaration.

d) Passport with date of entry into Japan

This stamped has to be the same date as on your declaration of unaccompanied goods.

  • Others

For any other documents such as copy of passport, please send them to us via E-mail as soon as possible.


To persons to whom the following applies:

1. More than 6 months have passed since your entry into Japan

 >>If your belongings have not arrived within 6 months of your entry into Japan, you may no longer import them as
 your household goods and personal effects.

2. Nationality and country of departure differ

 >>A copy of your visa for the country from which you sent your belongings is required.

3. Your belongings contain alcoholic goods

 >>You need to present an alcohol list displaying the following: carton number, type of alcohol, shipped amount, alcohol percentage and value of contents.

For more details, refer to the customs website under "Procedures of Passenger Clearance".


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