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Packing Materials

In order to deliver your belongings in the most appropriate and safest manner, Yamatane Overseas Moving uses the following tools.

Packing Materials

From plates to large size furniture, we will always use the most suitable packing method for every single one of your belongings. We use strong packing materials specifically designed for air travel and customized types of packing.

Out of consideration for the environment, we use materials made from recycled paper and hand over used plastic parts to a company called MOTTO Inc. specializing in recycling systems. MOTTO Inc. then sends these materials to China to be recycled, before they are re-imported to Japan so that they can be used again.

Anti-humidity agent used during transport - EX-DRY

For the overseas transport of your belongings, silica gel is the usual choice as a desiccant. For example, it is also used inside candy wrapping to keep the contents dry, and is a rather efficient low-cost option. However, there are some drawbacks in terms of moisture absorption capacity and sustainability.

Therefore, at Yamatane we currently use a new desiccant called EX-DRY. The Calcium-Chloride mixture is the same as you may use as a drying agent in your closet, however with EX-DRY the absorbed water is turned into jelly. When compared to a typical silica gel, EX-DRY's absorption rate is about 5-7 times higher and due to its long life ideal for overseas transports. Also, it is in strict compliance with European RoHS and ELV regulations, making it a high quality and safe product.


Our own experienced packers will wrap and pack all of your belongings, from plates to large pieces of furniture, strong, quickly and efficiently. Some of our workers have even served as packing instructors at JIMA (Japan International Moving Association) workshops, so you can be sure to receive a first rate packing service.

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