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Domestic Storage Service

For those people who feel that their Japanese home is smaller than they had anticipated and would like to use more space, please feel free to use our storage facilities.In case some of the items you have brought to Japan do not fit into your new home, you can use our extremely convenient solution and keep them stored in our warehouses during your stay.


  • All storage facilities are kept at a temperature of 20 (±2) with a humidity of 50-55% and are laid out with anti-dust flooring.
  • A barcode system is used so there is no need to worry that your belongings might get lost or mixed up with other people's belongings.

  • All cartons are labeled by barcode and scanned. They will be scanned one more time on the day of delivery, confirmed, sent to you and finally unpacked by us.
  • The warehouses are fitted with fire prevention equipment and burglar alarm systems.
  • Using our expertise in moving, we can quickly and efficiently pack and pick up your belongings.
  • Our warehouses have received the "Excellent Warehouse" certificate from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

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