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Domestic Office Moving

Yamatanefs domestic office moving and office layout service caters to offices of any size and we are experienced in dealing with a wide variety of demands and requests.


  • We are the first moving company to use a barcode based control system, protecting personal information. (The use of the system is an optional service)
  • The barcode based control system, that we have developed, minimizes the risk of property loss and information leakage.
  • Our project leaders for large-scale office moves are highly experienced and will offer you their ideas on the work process and progress during scheduled meetings.

Optional Services

In addition to our basic moving services, we also offer optional services such as blueprint production and office layout designing, as well as introducing to you to experts in the following services:

  • Sale of office interiors and furniture (including fixtures)
  • Room partitioning and floor work
  • Arranging telephone connections
  • Moving, setting up and customizing of PC and server structures
  • Setting up reception, including sale of relevant furniture and appliances

Furniture and appliance storage service

Storing appliances or items that are rarely or only seasonally used at your office can be very inefficient. We offer a storage service for exactly these situations.

Special Services

We can assist you with the import and installation of large size objects such as furniture, art and other types of equipment and have experience in handling the logistics of various exhibitions and events. Please feel free to contact us.

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