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Moving from Japan (Steps & Notice)

Steps to be taken

Initial Inquiry

From your initial contact with Yamatane you will be appointed a professional move coordinator who will be responsible for looking after all aspects of your international relocation. The first step would be for the move coordinator to schedule a survey at a convenient time at your residence.


This is the initial meeting between you and the coordinator at your residence.
The coordinator's main role is to assess the volume of the items to be moved, packing container size, access problems and other particular issues.


Within 5 days after a survey, a detailed "door to door quotation", and a copy of the "Terms & Conditions" will be sent to you.


Upon acceptance of the above proposal, we would appreciate your endorsement by return of the last page of the quote and attached "Terms & Conditions" so that all the necessary arrangements can be made.


We understand the worries of our customers every time their shipment is in transit. That is why we highly recommend that your shipment be fully secured by "All Risk" insurance coverage. This will not only benefit you in case of loss or damage to your shipment but would you let you have some "peace of mind "while your shipment is in transit.

Document Preparation

Wherever you are moving to, it is likely you will have to complete some forms of customs documentation and a visa if required.These will be explained to you by the person or move coordinator who visited your residence for the pre move survey.

Pre Packing

Before the packers come to your residence, please separate and keep safe all valuables, such as passport, cash, airplane tickets, jewelry, etc. These you should then put into your hand luggage. Loss or damage of certain items is not covered by insurance.
Begin packing your suitcase, including all items that you anticipate to need until your shipment arrives at your destination.

  • In addition, if you decide to stay in your home throughout the packing, please set aside the items which need to be packed last e.g., toiletries, towels, beddings, kitchen items, books and toys for kids.

Normally, the packing starts around 9:00 am. The first person who will approach you is the crew supervisor, who will confirm all your instructions. Please feel free to communicate with him for he is your primary contact during the packing period. He is also responsible for making an inventory list.
The crew will pack everything for you. However, if you wish to pack some of your personal items, we will provide all the packing materials, but boxes should be left open so that the packing crew can check them.


After packing, Yamatane will arrange to forward your shipment to the first available vessel or airline for your destination. Yamatane will send you a letter of confirmation of your shipment's departure and arrival details, as well as the contact details of our destination agent.

Contact Agent

Being a member of OMNI/FIDI (International Moving Organization) we offer our clients a choice of the best and trusted destination partners anywhere in the world. In case, you or your accounts have expressed a preference to use a specific moving agent at your destination, we can make adjustments to meet your demands.


Destination/Delivery Service Includes: Delivery to your residence, unpacking, unwrapping, setting up furniture, removal of debris. (one time only)
Destination/Delivery Service Excludes: Customs duties/taxes, storage, demurrage fee, shuttle service, crane for difficult access, etc.


Ex Box #1 1 ceramic vase totally broken Declared Amount(US$850)
Ex Box #2 Books missing Declared Amount(JPY25,000)
  • If you have found damaged or missing items, please don't forget to note and sign it for insurance purposes.
  • Immediate notice of loss or damage should be given to a Claims Representative

Days required

Following is a list of the average number of days required for your shipment to be delivered from the day of collection.

By Sea
Asia -20-30 days
North America -35-50 days
Europe -50-60 days
By Air
All destinations -8-12 days

However, please be aware that these times are estimates and subject to change depending on the country of destination and customs. For more details, please consult your coordinator.

Required Documents

a) A copy of your passport

A copy of the photo page of your passport is required. Your face has to be clearly visible so we recommend a color copy. Please also include the page with the date of expiry if this has been extended.

b) A copy of your visa

This is not required for all customers. If your coordinator advises you though, please be prepared. Again we recommend a color copy.

c) Flight documents

Please prepare documentation that proves you will leave (or have left) Japan within six months following your shipment.

  • For example, your itinerary, boarding card, passport with a dated immigration stamp or a letter from your employer. Also, please make sure to keep your boarding card stub after your flight.

d) Insurance Application Form

Forms are available for customers who wish to apply for insurance with Yamatane. Your coordinator will hand you this form before your move, so please fill in the amount to be insured.

e) Yamatane Customer's Instructions

Please write down your destination address on this form. Again, you will receive this from your coordinator.

  • Others

We would be more than thankful if you could complete and return by email attachment a passport copy and flight itinerary well ahead of your move.

  1. Your shipment can only be handled as a personal belongings/moving shipment if it is sent within 6 months of your departure from Japan.
  2. Some items cannot be exported. Please refer to our Q & A page for more details.
  3. In case you are shipping a car or motorcycle, please be aware that there may be special regulations and laws in place at your destination, so please consult with your coordinator ahead of time.
  4. You will need to complete a customs form for unaccompanied articles (moving shipment). Customs forms are downloadable from the following links.

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